About the Festival


FESTIVAL DATES: AUGUST 3-17, 2022 (arrival on August 2, departure on August 18)


Todi International Music Masters is a Piano Festival founded by Antonio Pompa-Baldi, a world renown concert pianist and piano professor. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we are excited to announce that the next festival takes place from August 3 to 17, 2022. Students must plan to arrive in Todi on August 2, and depart on August 18.

For the 2022 Edition of TIMM, the best festival participants will be awarded a prize of €1000. The choice of the best participants will be made based on their playing in the solo recital and Concerto performance during the festival, as decided by the festival’s Artistic Director. The names of the winners will be announced during the final evening’s closing ceremony.

Four students will be selected by the Artistic Director to perform their Concerto movement again with orchestra, in Cittá della Pieve (about 1 hour by car from Todi. Transportation will be provided). This award performance will take place on August 18, and each performer will receive a €200 honorary fee. This performance is in addition to the Concerto performance in Todi, during the TIMM festival. If selected as the winners of this award, the four students must plan to depart on August 19.



Our goal is to create a fantastic learning experience for all our participants, through great lessons, insightful masterclasses, inspiring concerts by our Masters, and performance opportunities for our students, including the possibility of playing with an orchestra.


Concert pianists and pedagogues of international renown will be working with advanced piano students in public master classes. Every individual, one-on-one lesson is open to every participant. Attendance of as many classes as possible is highly encouraged. Students will be selected based on a submitted video of their playing, via a YouTube link (Youku is acceptable, as well). There are no age limits for participation. Minors must be accompanied by a parent, teacher, or adult supervisor.

Photo by Jing He

Our Mission

T.I.M.M. is organized with the needs of our participants in mind. What makes a great festival? We believe it’s the exchange of ideas, close contact and guidance from great teachers, and ample practice time for students to test new ideas and apply them right away to their performances. Our students always come first, and at T.I.M.M. we never forget that simple fact.

The faculty and staff at T.I.M.M. , and indeed the environment itself, encourage an atmosphere of friendship, collegiality, and inclusion which helps our students bond and feel part of a big family.

The beautiful town of Todi, and its gorgeous surroundings, will make for a unique learning opportunity in an exquisitely artistic and inspiring environment. While immersing themselves in music, our participants will also have the unique experience of walking the streets of medieval Todi, surrounded by centuries-old architecture, and in many cases, incredible buildings and churches dating from over a thousand years ago. Todi is also a very safe town, and the local gastronomy is world class. So, without hesitation, join us!



For musical questions, please contact us at timm@todimusicmasters.com or via WeChat: TODIMUSICMASTERS.

For questions related to the logistics, traveling or staying in Todi, please contact Mr. Luigi Minucci at luigi.minucci@wellanguage.com