TIMM welcomes participants who want to listen in and observe all masterclasses and concerts of the festival. Whether they be teachers or students, and even music lovers without professional training, anyone can apply as an observer.

The fee to attend TIMM as an observer is €800 for the whole festival. This gives access to every lesson and masterclass taught by every faculty member; all 15 nightly concerts by faculty and students; every orchestra rehearsal with piano soloists (excluding the orchestra rehearsal without soloists).

At the end of the festival, during the closing ceremony, every observer will be called to the stage to receive a participation diploma, and to be publicly recognized.

To register as an observer, please fill out the application form and follow these guidelines:

Application Deadline: May 20th, 2023 

Observer fee payment must be wired before submitting the application form.

There is no selection for observers. All applicants will be accepted.


Email the following material to