Application Process


T.I.M.M. 2022 starts with Orientation at 8AM on August 3, immediately followed by masterclasses, and an evening performance. It is very important to attend Orientation. We recommend that all participants arrive in Todi on August 2nd.

The festival ends the night of August 17. The last evening includes a performance part, and a closing ceremony. During the ceremony, each participant will be called on stage to receive a certificate, and to be cheered by the other students, the faculty, and the audience. Winners of the Merit Scholarships will be announced during the closing ceremony, as well. Please, plan to depart from Todi on August 18th. 

When planning your arrival to Italy, please make sure you choose to arrive at Rome’s Fiumicino airport (Leonardo da Vinci), and do so in time to catch the last bus for Todi, which departs at 5PM (see the Travel to Todi page). Morning arrivals at the airport are preferable, to ensure more ground transportation options.

Applications must be received by May 20, 2022. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance no later than May 25th.

Fill out your Application Form, sign (parent or legal guardian signature is required for minors), scan, and email back to

Make sure to attach your biography and one or two artistic pictures! The pictures will also be used for our Facebook page.

In the body of the email, include a YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku video link of your playing (either public or unlisted–please no private videos that require passwords!). The video must be recent, recorded at any time from the beginning of 2022, to show your current level of playing. The video duration needs to be at least 10 minutes. It can be longer, but minimum 10 minutes. The choice of repertory is entirely free. The video can be recorded with a simple smartphone, or with more sophisticated equipment if available to you. It needs to be unedited (no cuts in the middle of single movements), and have a fixed camera angle showing a clear view of your hands and face profile at all times.

Minors must be accompanied to Todi by a parent or legal guardian, who shall supervise and be responsible for them at all times.

Important: if accepted, payment of the tuition fee (€1800) must be made in full, by wire transfer, by May 30th. Failure to do so will automatically mean losing your place as a festival participant. Please make sure to add a message to the wire transfer, specifying THE NAME OF THE PARTICIPANT for whom that wire-transfer is being made. As soon as the wire transfer is made, email a copy of the receipt (photo or scan) to

We urge all interested pianists, and particularly our applicants, to like our Facebook Page:

and, if from China, to add us on WeChat (WeChat ID is todimusicmasters)

For musical questions, please contact us at or via WeChat: TODIMUSICMASTERS.

For questions related to the logistics, traveling or staying in Todi, please contact Mr. Luigi Minucci at